Commitment is one word that a number of people are utterly afraid of. There are a large number of people who do not know what it means but most of us long for it. It is much more than a word. It is an agreement that you make with your partner about merging your lives together a lifetime agreement that you make yet one that is not in writing or defined in a tangible form. In our daily world, when we spend hours of our time in reviewing and entering into agreements with a variety of unknown entities such as phone companies, Cable TV Networks, credit card companies, mortgage companies or banking institutions, we fail to define or put in writing the most important commitment of our lives, the very basis on which our happiness and success depends on.

Marriage Minder is here to help you change that . . .
Through innovation and research Marriage Minder has developed a
marital agreement which you can customize for your individual needs . . .
A practical devise by which you define what your marriage is to you
and how you should maintain it.

The basic programs of Marriage Minder the Marriage Management Agreements or Emergency Rescue Kits (the ER Kits) are not a counseling service nor provide marriage salvaging advice. All of these are required when you realize that your marriage is in a mess and in need of some serious help. So why wait for disaster to strike. Be proactive, take initiative to define and maintain your marriage with a Marriage Minder Agreement. You will find it to be a most useful document, whether you are approaching the altar, already married, co-habiting or simply in the process of building a long term relationship. It is also highly beneficial if you are currently in a disturbed marriage that needs some fresh perspective and realignment of the Marriage Commitment!

Please Read Important Facts at About Us before leaping anywhere on the World Wide Web. If you are in a troubled marriage or fear that you may be at the brink of a Divorce, then click here to Tell Us. . . . it is never too late to rescue a marriage using the Marriage Minder- ER kits.

Featured Rescue Kit includes a popular Audio Program as seen in:

All of the various Marriage Minder Systems includes a performance contract and other supporting products, all of which combine to improve and enhance your marriage so that you do not have to go through the painful experience of marriage related problems. Marriage Minder ER Kits in essence provides you with marriage maintenance instruments that assist in keeping your marriage in tact. It provides a sound platform – to be precise – a practical marital agreement that ensures your marriage functions without major upsets.

Welcome to a new approach of managing your marriage.
Welcome to the Marriage Minder.
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