Marriage Maintenance and Management Systems – the ER Kits


When should a couple seek to use the Marriage Minders' – ER Kits?

  • When communications between the partners often takes on a tone of being negative, hostile, or antagonistic to each other.
  • When arguments have led to violence or physical fighting, such as slaps, shoving, hitting, or holding down.
  • When things have become so bad that one partner leaves home overnight or longer.
  • When marital problems cause one spouse to become depressed, anxious, drink excessively, feel insecure, or lose their self-esteem.
  • Whenever one or both partners avoid or withdraw from the other or develop a lifestyle that excludes the other against their wishes.
  • When there are sexual problems in the relationship that cannot seem to be solved, and especially if the sexual problems cause bad feelings or frustration.
  • When either marital partner is seriously considering having an affair or has been unfaithful. This is true even if the affair is non-sexual but the feelings that have developed are of closeness and intimacy.
  • When a child is having serious problems and the parents disagree on how to handle the problem.
  • Whenever a couple agrees together that they have problems and do not know how to change things or solve their differences.
  • When there is excessive jealousy present without reason.
  • When a spouse acts out feelings with actions that are spiteful, mean, hateful, or vengeful
  • When the feelings of "us" in the marriage become replaced with feelings of "me" by one or both partners. That is, when what one spouse wants to do is more important than what is best for them as a couple.
  • When there is a feeling that the partners are just sharing living quarters and not really sharing a relationship together.
  • When partners stay together just for the sake of the children and would otherwise divorce.
  • If communications are so bad that most talks about problems end up in arguments or verbal fights.
  • When partners in a marriage want to be proactive in the maintenance and management of their marriage.
  • When partners in marriage want to ensure that their marriage is maintained by a set of tools that they may use to tune up their marriage.
  • When educated partners make an informed decision to ensure that their marriage will stay its course and not become just another divorce statistics.
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